Recovery Home 

Alternative Housing For a Successful Recovery Journey

Our peer-ran, recovery-oriented housing fills a service gap for individuals seeking a safe, alcohol-and-drug-free independent living environment.  The Recovery Home has a capacity of up to 40 residents.  The length of stay for the residents is based on an individual's need and circumstances with the typical length of stay being 90 days or up to 6 months.  Currently, the residence is male only.

The Benefits of the Program

The program provides peer-led recovery support groups, weekly recovery education or relapse prevention groups, and case management services to assist Residents in need of supportive services. We assess the needs of each patient based on the challenges and strengths each individual possesses and this is done via a recovery home plan similar to a treatment plan.  Residents take responsibility for a daily routine that includes following a schedule of activities, practicing daily living skills, attending outpatient services (individual counseling), going to work, or some other meaningful activities.  

They practice financial independence, and meal preparation and are responsible for participating in recovery activities.  Once recovery residents graduate from the recovery home, they can still participate in outpatient services to help them continue to stay drug and alcohol-free.  All residents pay a weekly co-pay.

If you or someone you know would like to interview for residency,  please contact