Young people have the capacity to make sound decisions regarding their lives and their use of chemicals once they gain an understanding of their motivations and attitudes. The Council’s treatment goal is to help foster this understanding through intensive and basic counseling. These specialized services include (all of which are free to schools, parents and students):

Early Intervention Group

These sessions are designed for adolescents who may be experimenting with mood-altering substances. Counselors provide education and guidance to assist the person in making the decision to live substance free. These are geared toward the need of the student(s) and the school.

Suspension Alternative Program

Provides substance abuse education to youths violating school, home or community policy of their use of alcohol and/or other drugs.

Our typical non billable (no charge to school, parents or students) format is as follows:

– Three one hour sessions after school for three days.

– Tuesday, Thursday and then the following Tuesday. We want to work with the school to ensure after school transportation is provided and available.

Our staff are fully certified and accredited. They offer a plan geared toward the students and schools needs. For example a one day vaping session, then maybe a marijuana and then a prevention or coping session. You tell us what is needed and we will accommodate.

Another format used in between sessions has been a detentionary session using our Toolkits. A one page fact finding paper is written by the student based on the specific Toolkit used.

the Council offers many other formats based on need. For example an athletic department session(s) that may highlight risks and rewards based on potential athletic scholarships. An academic session(s) based on potential academic scholarships.

Whatever the need of the student, school, township, community, district, The Council can accommodate. Again these are non billable hours utilizing the Community Prevention and Education Model. Yes, these are FREE services.

We provide specific evaluation forms for the students so the school is very engaged in session progress and performance.

Children of Addicts/Sibling Education Group

Assists children between the ages of 5 and 11 who are struggling to cope with the chemical dependence of their parents or other loved ones.

Because the family is the most important unit to which an individual can belong, The Council strives to offer services and to involve as many members of the family as possible.

Intensive Adolescent Outpatient Program and Basic Counseling Program provide educational and counseling services for adolescents and their family members. The goal of these programs is to look at how lives have been negatively affected by substance use, and to offer guidance to adolescents in making appropriate choices regarding their recovery.

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