TB Testing & HIV Counseling

Chemical dependency tends to be highly co-related with many other medical and social issues. People who are under the influences of alcohol or other drugs have compromised judgment which places them at higher risk. The Council receives funding from SUPR, the Cook County Department of Public Health, and the Illinois Department of Public Health to address some of the medical and social issues associated with chemical dependency.

Funding has allowed The Council to provide education for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB), and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia. The education addresses the areas of transmission, risk education and prevention. In addition, The Council also offers free HIV testing and counseling on a voluntary basis to its patients. Patients that are positive for HIV and AIDS are linked with outside resources for ongoing medical and social services that will help ensure their continued success in recovery and health. TB testing is mandatory for all residential patients.

All patients receive HIV education in areas of transmission, risk reduction and prevention. The importance of maintaining sobriety in order to lower their risk for HIV infection is stressed. TB testing for all patients is mandatory. HIV counseling and testing are available to those wanting further assistance.

Those patients living with AIDS and HIV are assisted in their efforts to link up with additional medical and social services to best insure their continued success in recovery and health.

During Fiscal Year 2014, 642 tests for TB and 457 tests for HIV were administered to The Council’s patients. Results of the testing indicated that 16 patients had TB infection confirmed with 0 disease confirmed. One HIV test was confirmed positive.

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