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My experience at South Suburban was very much needed and welcomed. I already knew what wasn’t working for me and realized I wanted to understand myself better. The greatest achievement obtained was that of freedom. It’s not about how horrible the food is, waking up at 6am, not being able to smoke or talk to females. For me it’s about taking charge of my life, learning control and self discipline, being responsible and gaining independence. Thank you for caring enough to show me how to get there.
Kenneth P.
The South Suburban Council cared for me when I didn’t care for myself. They took me in and helped me at my lowest point in life. They showed me that other people do care about me and taught me how to manage my problems without drinking alcohol.
Marcus L.
Groups were nice. Expressive Art Therapy was Cool! In retrospect, my inpatient experience at The Council went by fast and was painless.
Brandon C.
If you need it go! It can save families!!
Karyn S.
Its a very helpful and nice place.
Lynn E.
I love this place it really helped me but you gotta also want the help there offering. If your only there because ur court order its not gonna work unless you want the help
Tony L.
If you are looking for a loving and nurturing outpatient program which still emphasizes accountability, this may be the place for you. Almost unanimously, clients credit The South Suburban Council with improving their lives in significant ways.
Stacy P.
Compassionate staff, fun activities and a solid aftercare program make this facility the “total package.”
Leon P.
The South Suburban Council campus offers a serene, comfortable environment combined with cutting-edge clinical treatment for not only substance abuse but mental health issues as well. It became my home and I felt loved for the first time in a long time. I hear they may be opening up a recovery home soon!
Tina L.
Alumni from The South Suburban Council praise the individualized treatment and loving, family-like environment: “The whole establishment is caring and invested in your recovery.”
Mark B.
The ultimate goal of treatment at The South Suburban Council is not just sobriety, but to teach clients how to “live with purpose and passion.” According to alumni, they’re succeeding. My stay transformed my life!
Steve A.
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The South Suburban Council
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