Residential Treatment Services: South

Packing for Treatment 7.8.20

The Residential Treatment Services: South Building has a variable length of stay and serves men and women 18 years or older and is a 48 bed unit. Each patient is assigned a primary therapist and a case manager. While the primary therapist focuses on the patient’s addiction, the case manager assesses the need for wraparound services such as domestic violence counseling, parenting, job readiness training, medical/psychiatric treatment and/or assistance with legal/court issues. The therapist and case manager work with the patient to formulate treatment plans to address identified problems.

In addition to individual and group counseling, the program offers relapse prevention planning, anger management stress management training, parenting classes, and domestic violence assessments and education with separate groups for victims and perpetrators.

The program also has a CODP group to address the unique problems of the chemically dependent patients who are struggling with mental illness.

The Program has also initiated and implemented evidenced based practices into the program consisting of motivational interviewing, motivational incentives, and brief intervention lecture/group series on motivation to change, dealing with anger, communication, social networking, and unlocking thinking/opening your mind.

It is our belief that the incorporation of these services will enable individuals to better manage the problems that accompany chemical dependency once treatment is completed and improve their outcome for sustained recovery.

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