Residential Crisis Stabilization Program (RCSP)

Residential crisis stabilization program

The Residential Crisis Stabilization Program (RCSP) is a program that was implemented in June 2012 in order to serve uninsured patients that present in local area emergency departments with both a substance use disorder and mental health diagnosis. The program was grant funded through DMH and SUPR as a result of the closing of Tinley Park Mental Health Center.

The Program consists of a 12-bed unit, and has specially qualified staff that are credentialed to provide stabilization services to a dually disordered population. It includes counselors that are licensed for mental health services and/or certified as addiction counselors, as well as substantially increased psychiatric services from our consulting psychiatrist.

Services include psychiatric assessment, medication management, specific co-occurring treatment groups, and counseling services, all provided in a ten-day stabilization program.

Coming Soon – an expanded Residential Crisis Stabilization Program:

  • More Beds
  • Streamlined Admission Process
  • More Dedicated Staff
  • Entirely Renovated Floor Structure
  • Entire Wing of Our North Campus Dedicated To Servicing RCS Patients

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