Community Education

The need for community education is becoming increasingly important as funding for treatment services declines. Community education is an integral component of The Council’s goal to meet the needs of chemically dependent members of our society. The more knowledge available about the dangers of use and of treatment services available, the healthier our community will be.

The goal of The Council’s community education program is to equip all community members with knowledge necessary to make sound decisions regarding their use of alcohol and/or other drugs. Equating knowledge for power, we believe that this service is a powerful tool in dissuading people from misusing/abusing chemicals and in assuring chemically dependent individuals that services are available for them.

The Council works closely with local businesses, schools, agencies and community members to determine areas of concern. When needs are established, focused presentations are developed and delivered to raise community awareness.

Networking relationships are another key to success. Through newsletters and participation in community coalitions, The Council is able to stay abreast of available services that may be of use to our patients.

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