Board of Directors

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South Suburban Foundation

Dorothy Dill, Chairperson
Lawrence Hochberg, Vice-Chairperson
Donald Olsen, Secretary/Treasurer
Robert Kennealy
James McGuire
Allen Sandusky


The South Suburban Council

James McGuire, Chairperson
Dora Ivory, Vice-Chairperson
Dorothy Dill, Secretary
Robert Kennealy, Treasurer
Judge Doug Simpson
Eileen Couture, M.D.
Bishop Ronnie White
Lee Fieffer
Lawrence Hochberg
Donald Olsen
Janet Tokarczyk, R.N.
James Williams
Jacqueline Agee
Allen Sandusky
Edward Winter, M.D.


The Council Property Holding Corporation

Lawrence Hochberg, Chairperson
James Williams, Vice-Chairperson
Dorothy Dill, Secretary/Treasurer
Robert Kennealy
James McGuire
Don Olsen
Allen Sandusky

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