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South Suburban Council
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by Ben F. on South Suburban Council

The South Suburban Council changed me for the better despite my constant aversion from doing so. It made me realize how much fun I can have sober as well as helped to bring out the real me. This community is a second family.

– Ben F.

by Mother and Father on South Suburban Council

We are so grateful our daughter had the opportunity to be at The South Suburban Council. She had struggled for the last couple of years in an abusive relationship that led to alcohol abuse and destructive behavior. She has lost her way through life. She tried several different addiction treatment programs in her pursuit of healing and wholeness. Each program somewhat helped her on her path towards that, but The South Suburban Council was the one that really started to give her the hope, tools, and encouragement she needed to overcome what was holding her in bondage. We have watched her joy return, and she has a hope for her future.

– Mother and Father

by Alumni, age 21 on South Suburban Council

The South Suburban Council has had a profound effect on my life. I have grown tremendously – mentally, physically, and spiritually. The staff is very supportive and understanding all the way through. I have become a better person than I ever thought I could be with the help of The South Suburban Council.

– Alumni, age 21

by Mother of Alumni on South Suburban Council

I brought my son to The South Suburban council to stop his substance abuse. They provided so much more than that. The family counseling helped change our entire family and my son was confident, accountable, and focused at the end of his time at The Council. Thanks to everyone at The Council for changing our future.

– Mother of Alumni

by D.H. on South Suburban Council

The Council is great at helping you seek the answer you need. I thought social drinking was the answer but with The Council's help I realized that abstinence was the answer. No judgment and great help and resources. D.H.

by Stan H. on South Suburban Council

“The staff are AMAZING at their job and make you feel especially safe, comfortable, motivated and welcome.”

by Anonymous on South Suburban Council

I'm very thankful to have been admitted to The Council. I've been sober for two years now. I Thank everyone there.

by Anonymous on South Suburban Council

I was hesitating to write you amid the pandemic chaos, but I thought you could use a positive note to brighten your day. I'm a homeschool teacher, and I reached out to the other parents in my neighborhood and offered to teach their kids virtually for a few hours a day to help everyone out and keep the kids' brains sharp while they're out of school. The unit I'm working on now is health and we're learning about drug and alcohol prevention (I think this is especially timely, because when kids are bored, this is what they often turn to!). Anyways, your prevention works page (sscouncil.org/2019/11/prevention-works) has some great information we've been referencing together, and I wanted to send you a happy thank you from myself and the kids 😀

During our learning and researching, the kids found another page about talking to kids and teens about drugs: https://drugreport.com/talking-to-children-and-teens-about-drugs/#sources-links

It's been a great conversation starter for us so far, so as a group, the kids decided we should pass it along to you as a thank you. Do you think you can add it to your page? I'd love to show them if you can and give them an emotional boost during these strange times we're all going through.

Thanks so much again and hope you are staying safe and healthy. Please write back if you can 🙂

Take care,
Carrie W.

by Anonymous on South Suburban Council

What my body, mind and soul received from taking this course at the council helped me overcome alcohol and drugs. My counselor teachings of actual being truthful stories of where he’s been taught me to start doing the same thing for myself, to accept what I am really here for and to practice spiritual guidance from my higher power from God which whom I depend on for all things I need. To have someone you can talk to that has sobriety to coach you along the way to stay sober, make a meeting and be responsible person for my sobriety. That really touched my heart that someone like Mr. Kalvin who has shared his stories and overcame them. I really appreciate all that the council has to offer for recovery the staff was wonderful to me.

Thanks to all,

And God Bless you all..

T. Bridgemon

by Shirley J. on South Suburban Council

“This place is a blessing.  I am so grateful to have my life back thanks to the High Focus program and my outstanding counselor.  I will never forget my time spent here and I will always remember what she taught me.”

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