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South Suburban Council
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by Anonymous on South Suburban Council

I'm very thankful to have been admitted to The Council. I've been sober for two years now. I Thank everyone there.

by Anonymous on South Suburban Council

I was hesitating to write you amid the pandemic chaos, but I thought you could use a positive note to brighten your day. I'm a homeschool teacher, and I reached out to the other parents in my neighborhood and offered to teach their kids virtually for a few hours a day to help everyone out and keep the kids' brains sharp while they're out of school. The unit I'm working on now is health and we're learning about drug and alcohol prevention (I think this is especially timely, because when kids are bored, this is what they often turn to!). Anyways, your prevention works page (sscouncil.org/2019/11/prevention-works) has some great information we've been referencing together, and I wanted to send you a happy thank you from myself and the kids 😀

During our learning and researching, the kids found another page about talking to kids and teens about drugs: https://drugreport.com/talking-to-children-and-teens-about-drugs/#sources-links

It's been a great conversation starter for us so far, so as a group, the kids decided we should pass it along to you as a thank you. Do you think you can add it to your page? I'd love to show them if you can and give them an emotional boost during these strange times we're all going through.

Thanks so much again and hope you are staying safe and healthy. Please write back if you can 🙂

Take care,
Carrie W.

by Anonymous on South Suburban Council

What my body, mind and soul received from taking this course at the council helped me overcome alcohol and drugs. My counselor teachings of actual being truthful stories of where he’s been taught me to start doing the same thing for myself, to accept what I am really here for and to practice spiritual guidance from my higher power from God which whom I depend on for all things I need. To have someone you can talk to that has sobriety to coach you along the way to stay sober, make a meeting and be responsible person for my sobriety. That really touched my heart that someone like Mr. Kalvin who has shared his stories and overcame them. I really appreciate all that the council has to offer for recovery the staff was wonderful to me.

Thanks to all,

And God Bless you all..

T. Bridgemon

by Christine C. on South Suburban Council
Now they are helping my neighbor!

Now they are helping my neighbor! This place serves their community well!!!!! What a Gem!!!!

by Student on South Suburban Council
My High School

The South Suburban Council comes to our High School several times a month. I had heard about there after school sessions but never really reached out. I have never been in trouble but I thought about it and decided to ask if I can participate. They said yes without question. I learned so much - I never want to be addicted to anything. Never want some substance to control me. Then I learned that they do this free of charge. You guys care - so do I. Thanks!!!!

by Mr. Smith on South Suburban Council
Thank You!

To the staff of SSC I am writing this letter to convey my gratitude for helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life. I came to SSC for help with my addition on October 1st 2019, I started in in-patient and that's when I really came to understand that I have a disease and until I admitted that I was powerless when it came to my disease I would probably never get better, I am so thankful to the staff there especially my counselor Cynthia and the rest of the staff over there they really helped me to began to work on myself. I then moved to the next level of treatment, Intensive Out-patient where I learned more about the disease of addition and what I could do to address and help myself be able to live a productive life. I learned how to start working a program of recovery, how to work on my thinking because that's where my problem really starts and how to incorporate the 12-step program of AA and NA into my life. How this will help me to build a solid foundation and give me an support system people who have found a way to live without the use of drugs and alcohol. From there, I went on to complete BCP or Basic Counseling Program with Mr. Fortenberry which I continued to accept my problem as a disease and work on my thinking and behavior and ability to accept life on life terms without using. I started making meetings and got a sponsor and have since made a beginning on the 12-steps. My life has gotten a lot better since I made that decision to get help and the staff here at SSC have made this part of my journey bearable and possible . I can see now and the future does not look as dark as it was 4 months ago, it looks much brighter and I'm ready to fight for my life. Thank you so much for helping me and showing me that there is a way and a solution. I am very grateful for the entire staff there, I also would like to thank Mr. Banks and Ms. Aikens for being there to support me as well.

by Mr. Henderson on South Suburban Council

My name is Mr. Henderson and today is my last day at SSCA. This program helped me to learn what the value of life is after being an addict for many years. It helped me in ways I did not think was possible. This a good place to start your recovery. The counselors are nice and teachable. I am looking forward to staying on a path of clean and sober with that said this is a great program, if you work it.

by Jeanette on South Suburban Council

Alumni praise the Council for its attentive staff and multiple treatment modalities, including specific programs for addressing trauma and mental health issues. Because I attend a lot of AA meetings I have come across lots of alumni of The Council. This is why when I relapsed I sought them out. An experience that has changed my thinking profoundly. Thanks Guys for loving me and teaching me.

by Thomas M. on South Suburban Council
Tough Love

The Councils “tough-love” approach doesn’t leave out the “love”—or the “tough.” A traditional rehab with a solid 50-year track record, The Council takes clients’ sobriety as seriously as its discipline.

by Anonymous on South Suburban Council
After School Sessions

The South Suburban Council came to our High School free of charge and talked with our entire team about vaping. It was very informative. That someone would take time out of their lives to do something like this is amazing to me and all of us said the same thing. Thank You Council for caring!!

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