The South Suburban Council is proud to announce a partnership with Patriot Project USA. Patriot Project USA was founded by Veteran Kenny Joseph DeAndrea, a former United States Marine and a survivor of a self inflicted gunshot wound. Living a life centered in violence contributed to Kenny being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through counseling and education, he has learned how to manage the symptoms of this potentially life ending mental injury. Patriot Project USA is the foremost authority relating to Veteran suicide in the country. Patriot Angels addresses the collateral damage that families of fallen Patriots will experience. We have counselors that specialize in Veteran related issues as well as provided families with financial assistance and Group Support Meetings. Patriot Angeles has its own SUICIDE INTERVENTION HOTLINE now in operation nationally (888)-842-1088 (24 Hrs).

11% of The South Suburban Council’s patient population are Service Members and Veterans. “We are proud to provide our services to Service Members, Veterans, and their Families that serve this great country of ours”, commented Bradley Stein Director of Marketing, Media Relations, Business development and Senior Counselor at The South Suburban Council. The Council understands that active duty and retired members of the armed forces are not immune to the substance use problems that affect the rest of society. The stresses of deployment during wartime and the unique culture of the military account for some differences between substance use in military members and civilians. Zero-tolerance policies and stigma pose difficulties in identifying and treating substance use problems in military personnel, as does lack of confidentiality that deters many who need treatment from seeking it. The South Suburban Council understands that addiction, substance abuse and mental health recovery and treatment requires more than putting the plug in the jug. We have embraced the dual diagnosis model, we have incorporated PTSD recognition into our treatment model and we are fully aware that treatment evolves and we are at the ready to change as change is required.

It was a pleasure and an honor to meet with Veteran Kenny DeAndrea today, the Founder and Chairman of Patriot Project USA. You are a remarkable man with an equally remarkable story. Your dedication and commitment are inspirational. You made our day! Thank You to Patriot Project USA for believing in and assisting The South Suburban Council in our mutual goals.

Lori Dill (SS Council), Kenny DeAndrea (Founder and Chairman, Patriot Project), Bradley Stein (SS Council)


Service members, veterans, and their families who need help dealing with substance abuse issues may find the following resources helpful:


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